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The Pickens County College and Career Scholarship Foundation members and the educators of the Pickens County are excited about the mission of helping all Pickens County students be college or career ready. The chief way that we accomplish this is through a joint venture with our local colleges called Dual Enrollment. This allows senior high students; public, private and home schooled, the opportunity to take college courses at the Pickens County College and Career Center while completing their high school education without actually attending the local college campus.

Dual enrollment programs are partnerships between K-12 school districts and postsecondary institutions, through which qualified students get to take college courses before graduating high school. Students who pass the courses receive credit at the partner college and meet the requirements for high school graduation. During the 2015-2016 school years, over 1.23 million students across the United States took dual enrollment courses. The benefits of dual enrollment are clear: students who enter postsecondary education with dual enrollment credits have higher 2, 4 and 6-year college completion rates, compared to peers with no additional academic credit. As proven, there is great promise in increasing the number of dual enrollment programs as a strategy to help more students' access and complete college. Through dual enrollment, students will gain early exposure to college-level material and a head start on earning credits towards graduation. 

The academic courses are in the fields of study related to Science, Math, English, Speech and Psychology. These college level courses are not without a price tag as there are fees for each course taken. These fees range from $384.00 for a 3 hour course to $512.00 for a 4 hour course.

Your donation will allow the Foundation to award scholarships to Pickens County students so that they can take advantage of the Dual Enrollment program through the Pickens County Career Center.


Kim Dyer